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From a tablet or smartphone, the kids can enjoy Spoony Toons without switching the TV. Wherever they are they will enjoy the chapters, games and the reciepes the characters teach them.


For children, it's difficult to value the nutrition, because they aren't mindful of what they eat. They only see the appearance of foods instead of the nutritional facts. With Spoony, Forky and Razor they will learn the value of a healthy and balanced diet.

Active learning

We combine animate characters with interactive games in each chapter in order to involve kids to learn with them. In this manner, we make the message stronger and the kid learns it better.

Support for the parents

While most parents believe that are feeding their children healthy, there are still erroneous habits in nutrition. For this purpose, Spoony Toons is baked by a dietician and a psychologist who will help parents get a change of habits.